VIDATUM Academic Overview

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VIDATUM Academic™ is an independent web based research management system providing institutions with a single source of publishable information on researchers, publications, funding, collaboration and national reporting compliance.

User Friendly

Vidatum Academic is a user-friendly easy to use web based research management system, providing institutions with a single definitive source of information on researchers, projects and Institution research capability including all research outputs. Designed and developed with active support from over 200 academics it is the largest CRIS system used in Irish Higher Educational Institutions. Academics and researchers can update their profiles in real time and can showcase their professional achievements to their peers. Also, if the system is integrated with an institution’s website, the profiles can be customised and become available to be searched by search engines such as Google and Google Scholar. Due to the products mixture of simplicity of design and in-depth functionality, Vidatum Academic is used by over 4,000 professional staff across five third-level institutions in Ireland. Along with the ability for users to create and control their profiles, it is also used to manage the application of grants and awards, from start to finish. And for Administrators, it provides institutions with a single authoritative source of research information on researchers, publications, proposals and grants, which provides insights into funding, collaboration and areas of research.

Institution Profile

Build Your Profile
Search and be Searched
Comprehensive Research Management System

From a user-friendly dashboard, you can build up your professional profile. Starting with your qualifications and teaching experience, you can add as much information, or as little, as you like. This information can be used in numerous ways, such as:

Build an external profile that your colleagues can see.

  • If Vidatum Academic is connected to your institution’s website, you can chose what details will be available for your public profile. This information is then available to be searched by search engines such as Google and Google Scholar.
  • When you profile is complete and all your achievements have been inputted, it enables you to draft multiple CVs which you can use for various purposes.
  • With accurate, up-to-date information available online, it becomes a valuable tool for marketing yourself, and your institution, throughout the world.

Vidatum Academic has been designed to save time by collecting information about its users from multiple sources. This speeds up the process of building your profile and also ensures that the latest information is constantly being updated. The system collects data from the following sources:

External Data Sources such as:

  • Thomson Reuters Web of Science delivers high quality publications information from 23,000 academic and science journals.
  • PubMed provides references and abstracts on life sciences and biomedical topics.
  • Several other sources such as JSTOR, ArcXiv, Mendeley.
  • Additional sources added on a continual basis.

Internal Data Sources such as:

  • HR Systems – providing personnel data, including name and qualifications details, personnel number etc.
  • Student Information System – feed module and PhD supervision details.
  • Financial Information System – supplies real-time information of budgets vs. actual spend on research grants.

Individual researchers and administrators:

  • Enter data into the system at appropriate times in support of the overall research management processes.

Uniquely Customisable

Extendable Platform

Customisable Interface

Create Custom Plug-ins

Vidatum Academic will save both time and money by enabling your research staff to maintain their profiles in a user-friendly and efficient manner. Creating multiple profiles have never been easier. Once the profiles are ready, this information can be downloaded in multiple formats to meet their information requirements. Once published, your profile will allow your colleagues and others to easily cite your publications for reference purposes. The importance of an up-to-date, web-based professional profile cannot be underestimated. By raising your profile, it might help you to win research awards, find collaborators with similar research goals and create global interest in your academic area. From a technology perspective, Vidatum Academic is a fully customisable product. It can be restyled according to your branding, and bespoke modules can by built with seamless integration. Vidatum Academic assists in many ways, including:

  • Showcase individual researchers and the university’s research internationally.
  • Allows institutions to measure research inputs and outputs.
  • Provide Management Information for key institutional reports, such as annual research reports and bibliometrics analysis reports.
  • Seamlessly integrate data from HR, Finance and Student Systems as well as publish selected information to web applications and portals.
  • Automatically provide publication updates – from online sources such as ISI Web of knowledge, Pub Med and file sources such as Bibtex Files and Endnote Files.
  • Supports Grant proposals by exporting CV content to various formats and templates.
  • Respond to requests for internal and external data by the production of reports at various levels of aggregation on all research activity across the institution, from publications to project financials.
  • Save time and money by streamlining research administration processes so that less time is spent on paper handling and the duplication of activity.

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