VIDATUM Projects Overview

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VIDATUM Projects™ is a research project management system that allows all stakeholders manage research funding in a user friendly and compliant structure, tracking the full lifecycle of a project from research proposal intent to a fully funded project award incorporating contract negotiations and ethics review compliance.

With full customisation and intuitive interface, research managers, project administrators including relevant faculty can prioritise system features dependent on the funding opportunity relevant to them. This customisation allows the institution to track all relevant data central to the funding application while its powerful work flow engine provides complete oversight at each stage of the process. Irish Universities currently use Vidatum Projects to annually process over 200 million euros of research funding from diverse research sources /councils.

Vidatum Projects:

  • Allows research administrators and managers view application history, awards and projects while easily identifying where the institution is winning research contracts and from whom
  • Provides powerful workflow capabilities to manage the complete application lifecycle
  • Provides statistical management reporting for funders and directors of research – successful versus rejected proposals, projects on hold including monetary value of all projects by funder
  • Integrates with third party finance, student management, and ERP systems such as Aggresso, Ellucian, HR, Oracle, and SITS.
  • Report generation including external business intelligence on application status including REF returns
  • Customisable interface allowing data tracking critical to funding application
  • Easy Data integration from third party systems such as HR reducing administration time while increasing data accuracy
  • Increase funding success visibility

“The custom PT and profile reports are excellent, very comprehensive and easy to use. The data that can be extracted is valuable in particular for projections, KPIs etc. both at institutional and departmental level. It allows Head of Departments to monitor departmental profiles and administration to project and forecast potential research income and other outputs.”

Director of Research Development, Maynooth University